Improving time recovery for better patient’s life

Inrost is a pharmaceutical company that concentrates on developing and marketing innovative bone regeneration drug that have the potential to revolutionize the lives of patients.
​Studies have shown that Inrost medical preparation accelerates the healing process of bone fractures by 30%.

bone fractures happens annually in the World
man-days are lost to the U.S. economy each year due to bone fractures.
Global and U.S. fracture statistics

total U.S. economic losses due to bone fractures

Bone fracture is a global public health issue, which relates with an increasing longevity of human life, and poses a serious economic burden. In every age cohort fractures lead to health losses and high health-care costs. Despite the long history of fracture’s curation, medical care system still faces with complexities in fracture healing, especially if they associated with an osteoporosis. The purpose of the study given was to investigate the potential of osteoinductive preparation and evaluate bone density at the femur fracture site with local introduction.

Our bone regeneration medicine has a competitive edge due to its superior benefits when compared to other similar products on the market.
Requires no preparation

Inrost medication can be administered without any additional procedures. This allows patients to receive the treatment they need immediately.
Low cost of production

Long shelf life

Shelf life of Inrost without loss of quality is at least 5 years. There are no special requirements for storage conditions.
Inrost has a low cost of production, which leads to a wide availability of the drug on the market.

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